Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Little Things

Welcome to The Little Things.
My hope is to provide you with information about the little things in life, because it is the little things that can add stress to your life or can become the special moments you'll remember always.  My belief is that we all have things we want to do with our lives, goals we want to achieve and dreams we want to fulfill.  The problem of course is that we let some of the little things get in the way.  Making lunches for the kids,  working out, buying groceries, finding time for date night with your husband, dentist appointments, dry cleaning, house cleaning, shopping, driving...  the list is endless.
Some things I write may work for you and others won't, but maybe my ideas will at least get you thinking about different ways to achieve everything you do in your day and still give you time to enjoy the other little things, like the sparkle in your child's eyes when they feel really good about an accomplishment, the touch of your husband's hand on yours, the sound of a bird greeting the day, the sunset at the end of the day. 
Time is finite.  While you still can, experience more, enjoy more, be more.

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