Sunday, February 10, 2013

One trip to the gym…

One trip to the gym is not just about burning a few calories.  It is a course set in motion, a first step towards a stronger body, healthier living, which can lead to more energy to play with your kids which in turn can lead to better relationships with them which can lead to them coming to you instead of strangers when they need advice or take a wrong turn. 

One phone call to a prospective client can lead to a small sale which can lead to a repeat sale which can lead to a referral which can lead to a networking opportunity which leads to a new partner which leads to taking business to whole new level and a whole new market.

One internet search for that impossible vacation can lead to a great deal and a fabulous vacation that can lead to meeting a special person that can lead to a life partner who will be there for you, support you and love you.

One dream, believed in and never forgotten can lead to a life filled with happiness and passion. 
Each action takes us somewhere new.  Each action has an effect, not only on us, but on so many others around us.  Each pebble dropped in the pond causes a ripple out that touches all around it.
Take the step, take the action and see where it leads you!

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  1. Well said my friend! Something I will always try and keep in mind. Glad to see the blog again, I did/do enjoy them.