Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Acting as if…

We spend so much time worried about what might happen.  What if?  People worry about everything now and although I believe in being prepared for catastrophes and even the day to day nuisances of life, we need to stop focussing on the negative.  

We act as if our business will not succeed.  We act as if our first client won’t see value in our work.  We act as if we’ll be ridiculed for speaking up at a meeting.  We act as if the world will come to an end if we don’t get an A on our term paper.  We act as if the government or our boss or our teacher is against us.  We think we are too old or too young, too fat, too thin, too unattractive or too attractive to be taken seriously in our endeavours and the pursuit of our dreams.  We don’t try to launch a new business, or speak in meetings, we procrastinate on midterm papers.  We blame others and use that as an excuse to not even try.  

This focus on the negative can paralyse many people and keep them from even trying.  We are too afraid of what people will think of us or what they will say about us if we try or say something different.  

What if instead we started acting as if things will go our way?  What if we assume people want to help us achieve our goals and dreams?  What if we didn’t worry about what others thought and just tried anyway?  Why not start acting as if you are successful?  What harm can come of it?  It can be as simple as starting and ending your day with a few moments of meditation or self affirmations or even just thinking about the possibility the day may hold.  

Nothing is impossible until you say it is so.  

My challenge to you is the following:  For two weeks become aware of your negative “impossible” thoughts.  Keep a list of these thoughts and then once a day review and re-evaluate these so-called “impossibilities”.  Think of one way that it is possible, even if that one thing seems far fetched.  Maybe you want to send your child to private school but you think it’s impossible because of the cost.  What would make it possible?  Winning the lottery or well…now that you think about it, maybe they have a scholarship program.   Stop and consider what is possible and act as is if it can happen.  You’ll be surprised at what appears or what was there all along, but you never saw because you thought it was impossible.  

Enjoy a day filled with possibility!


  1. In my opinion, your best blog post thus far. Keep at it :)

  2. Thanks Victoria. At least I know someone is reading. :)

  3. How true! I love the "nothing is impossible until you say it is so!" very, very true!
    Great read! I look forward to your next!