Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drive through self esteem-Your morning boost

Do you drive-thru for your morning coffee to get that little boost to start your day?  People try the drive-thru once or twice when they are running late or for a treat.  Soon, many start going regularly for that little boost of caffeine and sugar, or for that little reward.  We hear so much about taking time for ourselves, which is a good thing, but now marketers have latched onto that idea and are suggesting that our morning latte or our lunch burrito are something just for us to savour and a time to enjoy a moment to ourselves.  

I ask you, do you need caffeine to start your day or a fat filled product to take a moment for yourself?  Is there a better way that you could take a moment that would start your day with a boost and not involve unhealthy food or sitting in a drive-thru line-up spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for a caffeine jolt. 

This drive-thru self esteem boost of treating ourselves because we are special can be achieved in other ways that won’t add inches to your waistline and won’t cost a cent.  

On my drive to work there is one intersection where I almost always hit the red light for my left turn.  I love this spot (yes I said I love the red light) because you can see the sunrise over the horizon and I always make a point of savouring the view.  I take a deep breath and say to myself that today is going to be a great day.  It’s a little thing, but the sight of those sunrises reminds me to stop and savour the beauty of the day and of the world around us. 

There are many opportunities to stop and say something positive and uplifting to yourself.  How about when you first get in the car?  Before pulling out of your driveway, take a few deep breathes and think of something you are grateful for or something that will be good today.  I guarantee that no matter how much traffic there is in the morning, a moment of pause will make it easier to handle and will do more for your day than a coffee or donut.  

Pausing to take a moment for you isn’t about buying and or consuming something to make us feel more relaxed.  Taking a moment for oneself should be about self reflection and gratitude.  

So skip the drive-thru, that in the long run will take away from your self esteem with weight gain or the mid morning caffeine or sugar crash, and create your own drive-thru boost.  Take a detour through a beautiful neighbourhood and enjoy the trees instead of counting out your change for another jolt that will only last until mid morning.  Savour the little things that are around us everyday!

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