Sunday, August 7, 2011

Your Running Pace

Today I was running and fell into pace behind a woman doing nice easy intervals.  It was steady and easy, but I soon realized that it was time to pass her and move on.  Next I came to a more athletic young man and kept pace with him for quite a while although it was definitely more difficult, but then he reached his destination and turned off the path.  I kept running at my own pace with no one ahead of me.  I wonder if I had looked back over my shoulder if I'd have seen anyone behind me?

I realized that this was somewhat representative of our lives.  We fall into pace with those around us and take the easy track and it’s not bad.  It’s easy and nice, but we may find that we start to realize we are not being challenged.  We could stay at this pace, but is easy and nice what you really want?  Or do you want to challenge yourself and push yourself to higher standards?  This is when it is time to find your next mentor and time to try to keep pace with them; try to challenge and push yourself a little further than you might otherwise.  But then that mentor may reach their goal and you still have further to go.  You set out on your own path and begin to use everything you’ve learned and everything you’ve trained for to set your own pace and keep going until you reach your own goal.  Just don't forget to look back over your shoulder and offer encouragement to those who might be following you.

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