Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from Vacation

I’m back from vacation and going to work tomorrow morning.  For many that day comes with dread, but it shouldn’t and doesn’t need to.  Each one of us needs to make the changes so that we love our work.  But how?  Sure you need a job to pay the bills, but how long will you go on showing up and living the daily grind doing something you don’t love?  

There is no reason for people to indefinitely work at jobs they don’t like.  You may take a job to support yourself, but it should only be while you are moving towards your goals.  You need to have a plan and exit strategy.  Perhaps you need more education.  Then start today, even if it is just one course.  Don’t wait for the kids to get older or for a better time because the fall season is too busy.  Take it from someone who spent 13 years working towards a degree.  It can be done one credit at a time and it is so very rewarding when you do finally finish.  Whatever it is that you need to do to reach your goal, take one step today and another tomorrow and another the next day.  You will get there and you may surprise yourself some days when you can move ahead two or three steps. 

You need to nourish yourself so that you can then nourish others.  The happier and more fulfilled you are, the happier and more fulfilled those around you will be.

I see people who count down the days until they can start enjoying life when they retire.  For many that means they’ve spent 35 years just counting down the days!  What a shame when you could spend that 35 years enjoying life now.  Stop waiting and start enjoying today.  Start taking action that will make you happy.  For many, by the time they retire, they are not physically able to do everything they dreamed if doing.   

Stop having vacations that are an escape from the dreaded job and start vacationing to expand your experiences and bring your self back refreshed, re-energized and inspired to do even more in a job you love, a career you’ve chosen, and a life purpose that fulfills you.

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