Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Moments

“Great moments are born from great opportunities” (Miracles. Dir. Gavin O’Connor. Perf. Kurt Russell. Film. Disney. 2004)

We can fill our lives with great moments if we are open to seeing the opportunities.  If you walk around thinking the world is against you, then you will miss the opportunities and guess what?  It WILL seem like the world is against you.  Life is a series of moments and once they are gone you can never get them back.  We have only so many moments in our lives and some are blessed with long lives, while others have only a short few moments in this world.  You cannot know how many moments you will have, so it is important to make each one count, to make each one important and to seize the opportunities presented.  

How will you seize each moment of each day?  If you sit back and let life pass you by, you will miss the moments or grasp only the few that hit you square in the face.  It takes effort and action to take the moments that are passing you by and make them great.  It takes effort and action to grab onto the opportunities and create great moments.  It takes effort and action to keep grasping the moments when life pushes you down and to keep pushing forward until you get the things you want and the life you desire, the life you deserve. 

Find whatever you need that will help you.  Find a friend who will support you.  Your true friends will be there when the going gets tough.  Find a video or book that inspires you.  You can learn and be inspired by others who are in different parts of the world or from times long ago and learn from their wisdom, without ever having met them.  Find an accountability partner or a coach.  Sports coaches are there to give you the words and actions you need, when you need them, to win the game.  A life coach is there to give you the words and actions you need, when you need them, to win at life.  

Be grateful.  Be present.  Be in the moment.

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