Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Measure your success

Yesterday I wrote about writing down your goals.  Did you do it?  If not, sit down and write them down now.
Today, you should think about it how you’ll know if you’ve succeeded.  It’s wonderful to have a goal, but you need some sort of concrete measure to know when you have achieved the goal.  You also want to attach a timeline.  For example you’re goal may be to be healthier, but how will you know if you are healthier.   A measurable would be to exercise at least 3 times a week for 3 months, bringing you to July 31st, or to lose 10 pounds by July 15th. When the date comes you can evaluate and see how you’ve done.  Put it on your calendar.  Did you exercise 3 times a week?  Did you lose 10 lbs?  Then you can re-evaluate and if you fall a little short recommit with a new timeframe or if you succeed, you can set your next goal.  

Maybe your goals are about reducing debt.  The measure might be to decrease your debt by $500 in the next two months.  Or maybe you pay an extra 10% above the minimum balance due on your credit card for the next 12 months.  Maybe you want to improve your relationship with your spouse or your kids.  How do you measure that?  You might not be able to quantifiably measure the outcome, but you can measure the efforts such as one date night a month with your husband, or one afternoon every other week with each child.  

Take your three top goals from yesterday and write down at least one measure of success with a time frame.  Don’t forget to write the goal on your calendar, set email reminders and write it on the list on your fridge and follow up to make sure you stay on track.  Share it in the comments section of my blog to really commit.  Sometimes, just putting the word out there can give you motivation to get up and work at achieving your dreams.

The truth is this isn’t rocket science.  I’m not saying things that you haven’t heard or aren’t common sense.  But then why are there so many self help books, motivational speakers, audio programs and life coaches?  It’s because we all need the ongoing reminders and encouragement to keep going, to keep growing and to keep evolving.  Today, take another step in your evolution.  

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