Friday, April 1, 2011

Quarterly review

Most businesses do a quarterly review to assess sales, modify direction and correct course as needed to ensure they meet their target goals for the year.  They look at what is working and what isn’t.  Being April 1 and the beginning of a new quarter, I started to wonder if people do this with their own personal goals.  

Why wait until New Year’s Eve or your birthday to look back at the last year.   By then you have missed the opportunity to make small course corrections to reaching your goal.  This can apply in all areas of your life, whether financial, physical health, personal development or career.  

This weekend I’m going through all the goals I set in January and the budget to see where things stand so I can make changes now.  Top of my list is to resume physical activity that slipped off during the winter and set a target for June 30th.  Second is to look at the financial data I’ve been gathering for the last three months and see where we can improve in that field.  Then I’ll set new goals for the next quarter that are clearly defined and check in on them again in three months.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t track and review monthly where needed, but at a minimum a quarterly review gives you a good picture of what is going on and where you need to work a little harder.  If you find you’re way off the mark, then you’ve only lost three months, not an entire year.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the new quarter.  It’s a great time to reset and recharge.

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