Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I took a couple days off.  Unfortunately the family has been struck by the flu and we’re not all back 100%, but I got an email from a friend today that had me thinking.  This friend is obviously having a rough day, although I suspect this day has been a few weeks in the making.

When in search of our goals, when trying to take action every day, when dealing with family issues (like when everyone gets the flu at the same time), or when the things we try don’t work, we can become disheartened.  We may think that we want to just quit.  Why not go back to living on auto pilot and being average, coming home, watching television and not striving for more all the time?  It is impossible to be positive all of the time, everyday and you shouldn't expect this pf yourself.  The truth is that even the best of the best have bad days, weeks or months.  

The true measure of your success is how you deal with the setbacks, obstacles and failures.  Feel the frustration, the pain, the fear and even the sense of failure, but then move on.  Look at what has happened and what can you learn.  Is this a test of your commitment, or perhaps a push in another direction?  When you are having a rough time, take some time to feel the feelings.  If you need to take some time off to re-evaluate, do it.  The reason we are striving for our goals is to have a better life and to enjoy it more.  If what you are doing does not bring you joy, then you most definitely need to take a step back.  But remember why you started down this path of personal development.  You know there is more that you want for your life and you know that you can have it.  Right now, it might just be the method of getting there that isn’t working quite like you had hoped.  Sometimes, when we are on the brink of discovery or success that is the moment when our faith in ourselves is tested the most, and we just need to push through. 

Take care of yourself and turn to those around you who will support you.  Listen to the feedback, whether direct or indirect from the setbacks you encounter and then take the next step.  Movement, any movement is better than standing still being passive and just accepting what comes at you.

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