Monday, January 7, 2019

Bold Action

I have not blogged much in recent years, but am making a commitment to writing more this year and as a result, hope some of that writing is here on my blog.
Part of my renewal and revival of good practises that support my joy include planning my days with more intention. To that end, I recently purchased Brendon Burchard's High Performance Planner.  Caveat: This planner is a book that covers just 2 months, but so far I think it will be worth it.
Everyday you start with Morning Mindset that includes answering a series of questions.  I like how it focuses me, although this first week has been a challenge since I've been on holidays.  I look forward to seeing how it is now that I am back into my work routine.
One question keeps stumping me.  "One bold action I could take today is..."
I have yet to fill this in.  It seems so big and how can I do something bold every day.  Of course as I reread the phrase, I see it is something I "could" do today.  Ok, so maybe I can be a little adventurous and courageous, because I don't actually have to do this thing, but it is something I could do.
It was still scary to think of those bold things I could be doing but am too afraid to do.  It came to mean that one thing I could do and am doing, is write and post the writing.
It didn't have to be something big, but for me this feels a little bold and so here I am posting this blog today. I will not linger over the perfect or more likely imperfect grammar and spelling.  I'll do my best in the time I have and allow it to be seen with all its imperfections.
Today my bold action isn't just about writing, but more about not worrying about what people will think, not caring what people might say, and not caring about a typo, or spelling mistake.  My bold action is just to start somewhere.

Have a great day and take care.  You deserve it!

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