Friday, March 25, 2011

Death of Fear

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  Everyone is afraid.  Know this.  Courageous people are afraid.  The only difference is courageous people face their fear and move forward anyway.  When faced with a difficult decision, look at what it is you are really afraid of.  Often it is not the thing or action itself that we fear, but fear of failure or criticism. 
Have you ever been afraid of anything?  Silly question!  Of course you were.  You may have been afraid to dive off the diving board, or afraid to get behind the wheel of a car.  Perhaps you were afraid to ask for a raise, or afraid to talk to your spouse.  But how did you feel after you did it?  Once you dove off the diving board, even if the dive was far from perfect, you weren’t as afraid because the result was no longer completely unknown.  The more you do something the less afraid you are and the more confident you become.  

Our fears hold us back and keep us from trying the things that will help us achieve our goals.  Action is the death of fear.  This weekend, try one thing that you are afraid of and take note of how you feel after.  Then try it again and see if it isn’t a little easier.  Start with something small if you’d like, but be aware of how the feelings of fear decrease each time you do it.  

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

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