Monday, March 14, 2011

Plan for a different kind of spring cleaning

With spring only a week away, I’m starting to think about spring cleaning.  I like to think of spring as the New Year, because resolutions and goals I set at this time of year are so much easier to stick to.  Who really wants to eat veggies and exercise when it’s -30 out?  But spring is the time for growth and new beginnings.  

Luckily I’ve spent the winter catching up on those small miserable, boring jobs like filing two years worth of household paperwork and finally archiving photos, not to mention getting the 10 year old films I found, developed.   I have a few other small projects left to complete, but they are coming along well, so now I ponder what will my spring cleaning entail?  Yeah, sure I’ll clean the windows and sweep the garage and when the snow disappears there’ll be yard work, but I think this week I’ll be planning a different kind of spring cleaning.

I want a cleaning of the mind, spirit and soul.  I want to spend this time of rebirth clearing out the last of the negative thoughts that hang over me and I want to replace them with more fulfilling and empowering thoughts.  I want to clean out the guilt over mistakes made and let go of the past.  I want to forgive those who’ve harmed me and hope they find a better way.  So this week will be about making a list of these things that need to be cleared from my life and either sent to the dump or recycled into newer, more useful things. 
My challenge for you is to come up with one thing each day this week that you want to clean up and clear out of your mind, body and soul.  Become aware of the negative self talk, the nagging thoughts of guilt or mistakes.  Write them down each day, and then at the end of the week, think of a way to release them.  You may try calling people you want to forgive, or even writing them a letter, even if you never mail it.  Make a list of empowering self talk to replace the negative things you say to yourself.  If it feels overwhelming at first, just resolve to pick one thing to clean up and clear out.  Each step is one in the right direction and will help you in this season of rebirth and growth.  This spring, make spring cleaning about you.  The windows and garage can wait a week or two, but you shouldn’t.

Take care everyone and send me your spring cleaning list if you'd like help figuring out how to clean up.


  1. Great Post Stacey!! I will give this a shot!

  2. Glad you found this helpful Lee. Let me know how it goes.