Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Right side accountability

I decided to set a goal to write a thousand words a week before reviving this blog.  The problem was I was writing for myself and there was no “last minute panic” to break the procrastination and finally get me down to work.  I could go week after week writing nothing, if I’d wanted.  There was no teacher marking my work and no boss waiting for a report.  So how did I create the pressure to write and just get it done?  For this I thank my accountability partner.  We met online (how weird is that-apparently not so weird these days) and now meet in person every two weeks.  Having an accountability partner has helped tremendously because it gives me just enough push to accomplish the goals I set.  I really don’t want to show up at that meeting not having done what I said I would do.  

We meet for coffee every second Thursday and discuss or goals and the obstacles to reaching them.  We encourage each other in our pursuits, brainstorm ideas and go away with a set of goals to be done by the next meeting.  About a month ago, I found myself on a Wednesday night writing my 2000 words to cover off the last two weeks, just 20 hours before my next meeting with my accountability partner.  It worked and I actually wrote 2600.  But I could do better than that, couldn’t I?  If I’d managed 2600 words in one night, why only set a goal of 1000 words a week. 

Then someone mentioned writing a blog and I was inspired to revive mine.  I started writing and was encouraged by the stats.  More than one person had read my blog, so the next day I posted again and this time a few more read.  I don’t have a big following yet, and hopefully for all my readers’ sake, the content will improve as I stretch these old writing muscles that have been dormant for a few years, but suddenly I’ve created this new accountability.  My husband suggested that if I want to keep followers, reading my blog has to become part of their routine.  And so, here I am feeling the pressure to write yet again.  But it’s great and I love it.  Sure the left side of my brain says logically I’m not really accountable to anyone, but the right side dreams of a great following that I can’t let down.  So for now, because it works well keeping me accountable, I’m going to listen to the right side of my brain.  After all, it has me writing well over my 1000 words a week.

If there’s a goal you want to reach, create accountability.  Find a friend or post online so that you’ll feel at least a little pressure to achieve your goal.  Each and every action you take that helps you towards your goal is worthwhile.


  1. Brilliant! I'm one of those work best under pressure types, so need that accountability piece! Great way to achieve those goals!

  2. Keep pounding those keys Stacey... I'm hooked. And an accountability partner... wonderful idea!

  3. Thank you both for the vote of confidence. It helps!