Friday, March 18, 2011

TGIF-Will you sleep in this weekend?

With everyone in my part of the world still getting use to the time change for daylight savings, we see that it can take at least a couple days to acclimatize to this shift.  People are groggy and a little out of sorts for a few days after the time shift every year and people complain and hate getting used to it.  But do you look forward to Saturday and Sunday mornings so you can sleep in? Do you realize that you are essentially doing the same thing to your body every weekend?  It’s harder to get up Monday mornings because we are re-acclimatizing to the earlier waking hours every single week.  

This weekend try getting up at least close to your normal weekday time even if you just enjoy the quiet of the morning.  I’ve found this is a great time to enjoy a cup of tea, watch the sunrise, exercise and maybe read a book.  If it's hard to find time for the action items that get you closer to your goals, this can be prime time, or you can use the time to get some of those weekend chores done before everyone else gets up, leaving the rest of your weekend free for more enjoyable activities with your friends and family.  And if you really want to stay up later on the weekend, try getting up at your usual time and instead take a short mid afternoon nap.

Enjoy your peaceful weekend mornings and enjoy an easier Monday morning!

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