Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancake Tuesday-Shrove Tuesday

Whether or not you are religious this might be a good time to think about giving something up for Lent.  According to Wikipedia and my vague recollections from a first year Religion class, pancakes were made to use up the eggs, fat and sugar in the house for a final feast before giving up such things for Lent.

As a step towards improving your life why not use this occasion to give up something.  If your goals are to be healthier, then you could give up fast food, or chocolate.  If you have bad habits, this might be a good time to break those.  Decide to stop watching one television show a night and replace the time with a more productive activity.  Perhaps you could exercise or read a book.  

Why not give up the negative thoughts or critical self talk that may be holding you back?  We spend so much time with voices in our head telling us that we can’t do certain things, that our boss will say no to our request, that we’re too fat or not smart enough.  Give up this self defeating behaviour and turn over a new leaf.  Every time you catch yourself thinking something negative, write it down.  Then write down the opposite and repeat the more positive statement to yourself.  

If you decide to give up a bad habit, make sure you have enough leverage to keep up with it and have a support network of people around you.   I’ve posted things on Facebook and when having trouble keeping up with it I’d mention that and immediately get supportive and encouraging comments from my friends and family.  My bad habit is procrastinating and waiting until I have no other choice but to finish whatever I was suppose to do.
So, I’m going to give up procrastinating.  Luckily it’s still Tuesday, so I can put that off until tomorrow.

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