Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Locked doors

I came home today and put my key in the lock and turned.  I heard the lock open, but when I pushed down on the door handle –nothing.  I tried a few more times and then went into the garage and tried the lock there.  Now this lock has been really stiff for quite some time and hard to lock from the inside, so from the outside with only a small key and little leverage, I couldn’t get it to open.  Lastly, I tried the patio door.  There’s no key lock on the outside, but there was a chance that someone had left it unlocked.  No such luck.  I kept trying for about 30 minutes.  Now, I’d been sick for the last couple days and although I went to work today, all I could think about was curling up in bed when I got home.  Well-that plan was put on hold.  

In the past I might have been upset and gotten, well… down right cranky.  But I’ve learned that our reactions to these outside events will change the situation.  I could have been upset or cranky, but that would have made the kids cranky and then we’d all be miserable.  Instead, we piled into the car and went to the local restaurant for dinner.  I figured the kids would be happier, I could relax with a cup of tea and someone else would make dinner tonight.  My husband was able to get home and with bigger, stronger fingers, was able to open the garage door lock.  And if he hadn’t been able to get it, we’d just have to call the locksmith.  The kids and I had a really nice dinner and chatted about school and their day.  My youngest made me laugh, suggesting that if we couldn’t get into the house, maybe we could buy a new one.  We had fun and all’s well that ends well.  

A locked door kept me from my planned evening curled up in bed, but instead of reacting in a negative way, I made the best of the situation and ended up with a nice evening and an at least slightly amusing story. 
How do you react when presented with an obstacle?  Do you let it ruin your day or do you try to make the best of it?  We have to be prepared for obstacles and challenges.  They are going to come at inconvenient times, but that’s just life.  You can resist and be angry or go with the flow.  So next time you face a locked door, look for alternatives or change your plans and have a little fun.


  1. I read about that in a book once. Our mood isn't dictated by the events around us, but by the way we react to that event.

  2. So true Ashley. The hard part is remembering that in the moment of crisis and chaos.