Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The big plateau

Sometimes we find ourselves working towards a goal and feel stuck.  Things go along well for quite awhile and then all of sudden it feels like you aren’t making any progress.  We often see the same thing when people are dieting and exercising.  They start dropping pounds and progressing nicely towards their goal then all of a sudden they hit the plateau and can’t seem to break through.

In these situations, what you have to realize is that during the apparent plateau you may feel like you aren’t making progress, but there is usually something going on behind the scenes.  When you’re dieting and exercising, you may not be losing weight, but you are likely gaining muscle and improving your endurance and if you stick with it, you’ll find that soon enough you’ll start losing again.  

With other goals, the plateau can make you feel like nothing is working and that you’ll never achieve success.  Often these times are when you are developing your inner self.  You are becoming more aware of your situation, your reactions and your thinking.  You are letting go of old beliefs and finding room for new ones.  You may not be seeing the obvious exterior results such as increased income, more clients or completed tasks, but your subconscious is helping you prepare for that next step.  

The next time you hit a plateau, stop looking outside for the results and start looking within to see if there are areas that you can work on and improve that will prepare you for the next big success.

Good luck and enjoy the quiet plateaus.

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