Monday, May 16, 2011

How to reach a big goal on a short timeline

Have you got a goal that is going to be a stretch to achieve?  You’ve written it down and set a due date, but now you’re not sure how to get from here to there.  This can be particularly troubling if you’re on a tight timeline.  

First, look at the resources you have.  This may be your own skills or money to hire people to perform tasks you are not skilled at doing.  Don’t think just about the skills you use in your job or profession; think about your hobbies, past and present and add those to the list.  You may find that they will spur some ideas.   
Second look at your network.  Make a list of at least 100 people you know that may have knowledge or connections to someone who can help you.  Gather their contact information because even if you don’t use them right now, you may need them when you’re in a pinch at some point on this journey.  Get help wherever possible from people in your network.  Often they are only to happy to help and likely, you'll be able to return the favour.

Third, be open to ideas that are a little outside your comfort zone.  Taking the easy route might work, but it may take longer than you have, so try out different things.  Remember, if this is a short timeline, you only have to do something for a short while.  If you don’t like it, then once the goal is reached, you can look at other alternatives.  

Fourth, have a strong motivator to keep you going.  When you have a tight timeline, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and want to give up, thinking it is impossible.  If you have a strong enough motivator to achieve the goal then you are more likely to get it done.  For example you may need money by a certain date or the bank will foreclose on your house.  Or maybe you need to accomplish something for a certain event and if you don’t the event will have passed and the goal lost.  Spend 15 minutes writing down why you have to accomplish the goal and why not accomplishing it, is not an option.

Fifth, take action.  You’ve heard this before and will hear it again, but all the hoping, dreaming and planning in the world won’t get you what you want.  You have the resources laid out and the motivation, now just get out there and do it.  Start immediately.  As soon as you set a goal you must take immediate action, to put things in motion.  This is the only way you will get from your present status to that desired goal.

If you need help with a goal, contact me and I’d be happy to help you on your path.  No matter how big or small your goal, the first step is always the hardest.  Just take that step, now!

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