Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buds and Blooms

For the last few weeks I’ve been watching the buds on my lilac tree.   It has had buds for quite awhile and I keep waiting anxiously for signs of their opening.  It seems like they haven’t changed at all in a couple weeks and one might wonder what is going on.  Then suddenly the buds open and the leaves start to grow in what seems like record time.  No change for weeks then all of sudden it is full of leaves.  

When we are waiting for a goal that we’ve been working on to come into bloom, it can sometimes seem like that bud, like nothing is happening.  It can be frustrating and you may be tempted to give up, but I’ve found that it is usually at this peak of frustration or impatience that it is the most important to hang in there and not to give up on your goals.  Remember that the bud will open and you will see the fruits of your labour, but sometimes it just takes some time for the inner growth to occur that allows that outer explosion of growth. 

Are there goals you’ve been working on but they just don’t seem to be coming to fruition.  Perhaps there is some inner growth and development that is or needs to take place in order for you to progress further with your goals.  These times that feel stagnant are a great time to look inwards and reflect on what you might need to change or improve about your self.  Are there things that you could be doing that will add to your skill set, books you could read, or maybe this is the perfect time to start a completely different activity you’ve never done before?  Even if you’ve never done it before I suggest trying different things just to see what works, such as meditation, creating vision boards, or writing in a gratitude journal.  Don’t just think about it and how you would do it or what it would be like, actually sit down and try it.   You may think it's silly or not worth your time, but just give it a try.  You may be surprised at the results that surface from your unconscious mind.  

Have a great day!

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