Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Leverage your network

Whatever your goal, there are others who have done things similar to it or who have experience or information that can help you.  Unfortunately we are often afraid to ask for help because why would others want to help you, right?  

Well believe it or not, people want to help you and love to share their knowledge.  You can reach your goals on your own, but it will be much easier if you learn from others who’ve been there, done that.  Why not save yourself the time?  

I’ve found that even just using Facebook to pose a question or ask for suggestions when I needed something has been tremendously helpful.  Sometimes you’ll find connections from the least likely places.  Maybe you need a web designer and sure enough your high school friend is married to one.  Or maybe you just need the name of a good financial advisor to help you get your finances on track.  Likely someone you know can give you suggestions.  You can ask people advice on hiring a cleaning service or roofing company.  Whatever it is, there’s likely to be people who will help.  Sometimes you’ll happen upon just the right person at the right time like the book editor of a publishing house just as you finish a manuscript.  Even if they don’t publish your book, they may give you valuable insight that you wouldn’t get from a standard rejection form letter.  

I follow Tim Ferris the author of The Four Hour Work Week and he often posts questions on Facebook to his many followers when he’s looking for a specific service.  The response he gets is amazing.

Take a chance and ask!  But be prepared to help out when others need advice from someone with your particular experience.  Good luck and go out there and leverage the network of people that surround you in person or online.

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